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As one of the four major scenic spots in Xiamen, Jimei enjoys a long-term fame for its tourists attractions like Turtle Garden ,Returnees Garden and the former residence of Mr. Tan Kah-Kee.

home Jimei is a small town on the other side of the bank facing notth Xiamen Island.With Gaoji Causeway and Xingji Causeway meeting there ,Jimei becomes the sole gateway into Xiamen.

Jimei is also the hometown of Mr. Tan Kah-Kee, a famous overseas Chinese leader who devoted homself wholly to the education cause.He had started various schools in the town, including Jimei Normal School,Jimei Navigation Institute, Xiamen Aquatic Products Technical Institute and Agriculture School besides Jimei Kindergarden, Jimei Primary School and Jimei Middle School. Equipped with Science Hall, library and hospital, these schools brought the town the name "Jimei School Village" which is renowned at home and abroad. The Turthe Gardeb was built during Mr. Tan Kah-Kee's lifetime and later was chosen as the place where his grave was to be laid. Mr. Tan Kah-Kee's residence was turned into a memorial hall and the Returnees Garden with Mr.Tan Kah-Kee's bronze statue in it was built in his memory. In Jimei, there is still the relics where Zhen Chenggong had drilled his soldiers and the ruins of old Jimei Village--Yenping Old Fort.

Park The Turtle Garden was constructed in 1950 by Mr.Tan Kah- Kee on the former site of "Turtle Head Palace" from which came its present name.In the centre of the garden is the Jimei Liberation Monument with an inscription by Mao Zedong on the front and a tablet record written by Mr.Tan Kah-Kee on the back.The stone foundation of the monument consists of two stages. The lower stage has eight steps ,signifying the eight-year Anti- Japanese War; the upper stage is composed of three steps,symbolizing the three year Liberation War .They are telling the later generations that victories were hard- won and therefore should be cherished. The foundation of the monument is surrounded by gray jade carvings and relief sculptures polished with great care,embodying a concentrated reflection of exquisite workmanship and a unique style of south Fujian stone carving art.

The former residence of Mr.Tan Kah-Kee is situated on Jiageng Road in the town of Jimei.It is still keeping its old looks to be visited and pondered. Mr.Tan Kah-kee was living frugally all his life. No one can keep unmoved when they see how simple those daily necessities and clothings are.To the west of the residence is an exhibition of Mr.Tan Kah-Kee's life story.

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