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Dragon & Phoenix Dress Item code:WG-102029
This stunning dress is the perfect choice for that special occasion. Its well tailored design ensures that you will feel and look amazing. Its pattern portrays Dragons and Phoenix's, two of Asia's most legendarys and respected mytholigical creatures. You cannot go wrong with this outfit, it must be yours!

Mandarin collar,Frog button,Half back style,Sleeveless,Slit side,
Dragon and Phoenix pattern,
Washing Instruction:Dry clean only.
Price:$29.9 Click here to order this.
Great Kung Fu Shirt Item code:WG-110005
This great Kung Fu shirt, is just exquisite. Its unique design will make you look different to all the people whom surround you, purely Oriental fashion!

Mandarin collar,
Frog button,
Folded sleeves,
Wash/Iron:Wash in cool water and use warm steam.
Price:$42.9 Click here to order this.
Guarding Dragons T-Shirt Item code:WG-112012
This Guarding Dragons T-shirt apart from being comfortable and of excellent quality displays Dragons guarding a pearl, which in Chinese culture is an auspicious scene meaning that it may bring you blessing and fortune

Double Dragon hand pattern,
Wash/Iron:Machine wash in cool water, use warm steam iron.
Price:$12.9 Click here to order this.
Chinese Beauty Doll Item code:WG-310005
Chinese belle simulant model.
Dimension:5"(W) x 5"(L) x 12"(H)
(13cm x13cm x30 cm)
Price:$22.9 Click here to order this.
Shadow Embroidery Cushion Cover Item code:WG-308012
Machine Embroidery Pattern,
Fabric:Voile &Thai Silk
(44cm x43cm)
Price:$7.0 Click here to order this.
Lover's Destiny Wall Hanging Item code:WG-506009
This beautiful hand painted Wall hanging is the perfect addition to your Chinese Collection. Its intricate message speaks of love and the idea that everyone is predetermined to meet their soulmate. Good Blessings and good energy appropiate for your house or office. You can't miss out on this one!

The background color can be blue or light yellow at random.
Size:10" x42" 1/2
(25.5cm x 108cm)
Price:$16.9 Click here to order this.
Feng Shui Clock Item code:WG-307002
This dazzling clock has the Feng Shui compass as a background. Feng Shui is the 5000 year old Chinese system of managing one's luck and good fortune, still believed in and practiced by many today. The Chinese characters around the clock represent the Feng Shui cycles. Perfect for bringing good blessings to your house or office.

Feng Shui pattern.
Batteries not included.
Dimension:9" 1/2 x 9" 1/2
(24cm x 24cm)
Price:$22.9 Click here to order this.
Mystical China Item code:WG-504018
Travel far away to a mystical chinese landscape portrayed in its four seasons. This delicate watercolor landscape showing natures cycle will lighten up your home or office with a unique Chinese aura.

Size:10" x 42" 1/2 x 4pcs
(25.5cm x 108cm per each)
Price:$36.9 Click here to order this.
Everlasting Fortune Lantern Item code:WG-313006
This decorative old fashioned Chinese lantern is the perfect purchase, its beautiful to look at plus very functional. Its ornate design comes with a blessing of good fortune for the owner.

Chinese characters design.
Dimension:3" 1/2 x 13"(H)
(9cm x 33cm)
Price:$12.9 Click here to order this.
Bamboo Longevity Hand Bag Item code:WG-201009
Nice and hady as well as stylish, this beautiful brocade hand bag comes with Bamboo handles and longevity icons in its design. Perfect for formal or informal ocassions, this handbag brings all the blessings of long and prosperous life with it.

Random pattern,
Fabric:Brocade & Bamboo
12" x 9"
(30cm x 23cm)
Price:$15.9 Click here to order this.
Dragons of the Pearl Fan Item code:WG-402008
Exquisite hand made sandalwood fan will delight you with its mystic fragrance as well as its hand painted pattern showing two Dragons safeguarding a pearl - symbol of protection and prosperity of the crops. Comes with a rack for its proper exhibition.

Made of Fragrant Sandalwood,
Hand Painted Flying Dragon pattern (includes colored tassel with rack),
Dimension:10" (L)
Price:$16.9 Click here to order this.
Fan Shaped Four Treasures Calligraphy Set Item code:WG-405002
This Four Treasures Set can be used as well as treasured for many years to come. Its everlasting and the best in calligraphy.

Brush pens,
Ink stick,
Ink stone,
seal in set
Dimension:9" (L) x 1" 3/4(H) x 5" 3/4(W)
(23cm x 3cm x 14.5cm)
Price:$15.9 Click here to order this.

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